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Promo! Discover “7KRASOK” in Moscow City!

25 June 2019

Dear Guests!

On the occasion of opening of a new salon SKY-SPA LUXURY “7KRASOK IN MOSCOW CITY” we offer you a special price for a “Romantic Rendezvous” program!

14 000rub ₽, instead of 23,000rub ₽
“Romantic Rendezvous” for two in Thai /Balinese on the 40th floor
with a magnificent panoramic view !

“Romantic Rendezvous” for two in Thai or Balinese.
Duration — 3 hours.
The card is valid in the new salon SKY-LUXURY SPA “7 KRASOK IN MOSCOW-CITY”.The program performed by Top -therapists.

The program of category “luxury” for two is presented in 2 variants:

Option 1 (Thai): HE enjoys “Tropicanka”. SHE is treated to” Elixir of Youth”.

Option 2 ( Balinese): HE is being “charged” with “Reflexology massage” and activates his power by “Harmony massage”, while SHE is blissfully happy being treated with ” Balinese Legend” with Javanese Lulur scrub.

After that THEY retire to a table by the window, admire the beautiful sights of Moscow from a bird’s eye view, taste selected green tea with Oriental treats or French wine. The therapists quietly leave, there is only light ethnic music, nice Oriental fragrances. You can still enjoy the fabulous atmosphere of peace and harmony for half an hour, share your impressions and, of course, here and now say the most important words …

The card is valid for 1 month.


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Summer Rendezvous in "7 KRASOK"

Dear Guests!

From June 20 to September 10, 2019 in all the salons of “7 KRASOK” there is a promo — special prices for “Summer Rendezvous”!

Gift card “Spa for two” — 7,777rub ₽, instead of 8,700rub ₽ (card validity 1 month)

Gift card “Romantic Rendezvous” Classic – 10,477rub ₽, instead of 12,500rub (the validity of the card up to 30.09.19)

Gift card “Romantic Rendezvous at the height” luxury – 14 000 ₽

Gift card “Romantic Rendezvous” Premium 14,777rub ₽, instead of 17,000rub ₽ (valid until 30.09.19)

Gift card “Romantic Rendezvous” Luxury 19,777rub ₽, instead of 23,000rub ₽ (valid until 10.10.19)

Gift cards “Spa for two” VIP 49,700rub ₽, instead of 55,555rub for you! (valid until 10.10.19)




(499) 286-07-77, (926) 277-52-92


Dear Guests!

Discover the new flagship 24/7 salon “7 KRASOK in Moscow City” — SKY-SPA LUXURY! All SPA-programs are subject to premium SALON prices (except SPA-rituals in the Hammam) and special promotions!


Luxurious panoramic view of Moscow and heavenly delight from SPA-programs on the 40th floor!

Spacious Oriental Hammam and elegant romantic massage rooms.

Menu of exquisite treats and pillows for each Guest.

The salon has a special price for the owners of “Luxury Club”cards.

Innovative design solutions used in the creation of the interior of the salon, will help to plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation and harmony, to move away from the hustle and bustle of the big city!
We are looking forward to seeing you in our new salon !


  • Special prices during the opening period! The cost of massage starts at 2,700rub ₽
  • We give tasty and healthy homemade jam (cherry, strawberry, blackberry) as a gift to any purchases starting at 7,000rub ₽
  • 40% DISCOUNT for” SPA for two” program! Gift card “RomanticRendezvous” for two in Thai/Balinese with a magnificent panoramic view on the 40th floor at a special price of 14,000rub ₽, instead of 23,000rub ₽




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Dear Guest!

Until September, 10 – promo “Summer in Luxury”! When buying or replenishing a convenient Deposit card “Luxury Club” 50,000rub worth you get a 5% BONUS!

50,000rub + 5% bonus ( balance – 52,500rub)

You get 25 % DISCOUNT daily when paying for any SPA-program in the Hammam by “Luxury Club” card (in salon “7 KRASOK” in Moscow City”). 

Owners of Deposit club cards “Luxury Club” have privileges:

— The possibility of being served at a special price for spa-programs performed by Certified-, Top- and Grand- therapists in the salons of “7 Krasok-LUXURY in Moscow City”, “7 Krasok-LUXURY on the Arbat” and “7 Krasoks-LUXURY at Patriarshiye prudy.

– 25% DISCOUNT daily when visiting any SPA-programs from 6:00a.m to 11:00a.m.

– 10% DISCOUNT daily visiting any time of the day.

— Cancel / reschedule the booking at a shorter notice before the start of the program

— Free personal delivery and remote Deposit replenishment

— The possibility of arranging private events from 2 to 12 people.

We wish you wonderful and warm summer!

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