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Balinese traditional massage


Traditional Balinese massage involves deep muscle study. It is replete with long strokes to displace negative energy and toxins. Balinese massage uses a variety of techniques: circular motion,  elements of stretching, long kneading, squeezing.

It also includes the ancient Eastern technique of acupressure. The combination of these techniques contribute to the improvement of lymph and blood circulation, relieves nervous and muscle tension, restores the internal balance of the body, provides overall state of good and improves your  mood.


Balinese massage is always more than just a massage. You will find a ritual and sensuality, and radiation of pleasant energy, and a special state of renewal and weightlessness of the body, when “the wind” expelled from  the muscles , and the joy of communicating with the “children of nature” who have  grown up on a Paradise island in the southern hemisphere.

Discover the  authentic Balinese massage – it’s amazing!

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Введите номер телефона вида, 9667324557

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