Thai traditional massage


The purpose of traditional Thai massage  is mainly to bring the body to  harmonious state, quickly achieving both deep relaxation and an intense influx of vitality. In addition, significantly enhances the tone of blood vessels and  joints mobility.

Thai traditional massage


The Foundation of Thai massage is based on the theory of invisible energy lines running through the body, which form a kind of “second skin” of a person. The influence of yoga philosophy with its “second body” consisting of 7200 energy lines can be traced here. Thai massage selects 10 major lines, where are the most important acupuncture points. Through them, as through a kind of “windows”, the human life energy of prana flows from space. Blockage of these points leads to energy blockade — imbalance and various diseases. A skilled masseur, acting on the energy points and lines, restores the flow of prana and promotes healing. Thai massage combines the techniques of three therapies of linear massage, deep massage of muscle-tendon meridians and manual therapy with elements of yoga, which reveal the human energy system. Another name of Thai massage — “yoga massage”.

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