Ideal gifts – how to choose from 107 options? – 7 Красок


A gift can be issued in the form of:

  • A bright GIFT CARD framed by a greeting card with your individual wishes. Pay attention to the courses of SPA-programs and Deposit gift cards. Such cards are the most popular, as they are always accompanied by bonuses and SPA-gifts.

  • GIFT CERTIFICATE for any SPA program, to any Master and to any category of salon according to your individual preferences.

  • THE ELECTRONIC GIFT CERTIFICATE, addressed from your post, if there is a need to congratulate the original person who is far away from you.

Our spa programs can be divided into 12 conditional sections, indicating their purpose. More – in the short guide on the website of the company “7 Colors.”

Prices for SPA-programs 7 Colors are acceptable for everyone and for any occasion, you can pick up a budget option up to 2000 rubles, and luxury – for 100 000 rubles. and more.

        Detailed to orient in the selection of SPA-programs, in prices, in salons, in categories of Masters, discounts, bonuses, promotions, special offers will help you operators of our call-center and salon administrators.


Review the terms of use:


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