СПА-салон «7 КРАСОК» — сеть массажных салонов в Москве
  • Just a massage 10% DISCOUNT

  • Profitably! 10% discount on subscriptions

  • We work Both day and night!

    "7 KRASOK" in the City, on the Patriarshiye, Arbat and Prospect Mira work around the clock. Prices from 3,350 rubles for 1 hour of massage
  • Luxuriously! SPA at hight

    SKY-SPA LUXURY «7 KRASOK IN MOSCOW CITY»! Prices from 4 800 rubles for 1 hour
  • Original! Birthday gifts

    Birthday gifts Cards and electronic certificates with a -20% discount!
  • Profitable! 25% discounts, bonuses and gifts

    Dear Guests, we offer you several ways to enjoy SPA programs and receive benefits at the same time!
  • Exclusively! Club cards

    7 club cards with special privileges, discounts and bonuses up to 25%
  • Convenient! Electronic certificates

    Convenient electronic certificates for payment of any SPA programs. When buying, we give BONUSES!
  • Prevention measures in «7 KRASOK»

    Since 2003, “7 Krasok” have been maintaining uniform quality standards in accordance with strict Rospotrebnadzor (Federal service for supervision of consumer protection and human welfare) standards. At a time when infectious diseases are on the rise in the world, we are stepping up our precautions.


  • Top 10
  • Electronic certificates
  • 3000 ₽
  • 5000 ₽
  • Deposit cards

Exclusive SPA-salon's chain in Russia, listed in the
Guinness Book of Records

  • 107
    various SPA services,
    courses and programs
  • 140
    gift cards
    and bright ideas for gifts
  • 25
    salons in Moscow,
    and St. Petersburg
  • 16
    on the market
  • 200
    professional Massage Therapists
    from Thailand and Bali
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