Spa for men- is an effective means to restore strength and achieve psychological balance. The treatments relieve stress and insomnia and help to distract you from your problems. Beneficial effect on the physical condition: relieve fatigue and muscle tension, tone and fill with vitality. Any spa-program is short-term, but at the same time the most healthy and effective rest.

What are the features of men’s procedures in  salons  BALI & THAI-SPA “7 KRASOK” network? Each SPA program is a beautiful ritual in which the Guest plays the main role. Nice and unobtrusive music . The air is filled with exotic aromas. Each action of the virtuoso masseur gives incredible pleasure and plunges into Nirvana.


  • “The Hammam with eucalyptus”. Traditional male recreation-steaming in the sauna. Our salon is equipped with a Hammam, which is different from the Russian and Finnish steam rooms, it is more comfortable, with softer conditions. The effect of bath procedures is enhanced by the use of natural cosmetics for cleansing and skin care. After steaming Spa for men provides full body massage.
  • «Free flight.». Masseur’s improvisation depending on the Guest’s mood. Each Spa session for men is filled with creative energy and inspiration.

* “Thai yagodka”. Performed in conjunction with other Spa programs. It is aimed at restoring and strengthening of men’s  sexual health . It includes immune-stimulation of biologically active points of the sacrum and thighs, using herbal Thai balm and aromatic oils.

Salons of BALI & THAI-SPA “7 KRASOK”  network are located in different areas of Moscow and Moscow region and St. Petersburg. Find an address near your home or office on the map.

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