Spa for women

Each Spa program for women in  salons BALI & THAI-SPA “7 KRASOK” is like a trip to an exotic country. During 1-3 hours it is possible to experience  a rich range of emotions and wonderful sensations.  Charming music and magical aromas of flowers and spices will give you special pleasure. Experienced hands of the masseur relieve muscle tension, carefully work through every inch of the body. The treatments give delight and immerse into Nirvana.

Only quality natural cosmetics from Thailand, Bali and France used . Women are offered face, body and hair masks, peels, wraps and other nice beauty treatments. A Spa session always includes a massage. Procedures with aromatic oils, sea stones, herbal bags are very popular among women visitors of the salon.

What effect is achieved through programs?

“Emerald dream” – normalization of sleep due to the impact on the biologically active points of the body, aromatherapy, relaxing massage.

“Balinese BEAUTY secrets — – a comprehensive care for youth, beauty, sexuality and health.

“”Grace in Thai / Balinese” -slim massage aimed at delicate effect on problem areas.

“Oh, mango” – skin care, including cleansing and moisturizing. Women who have already tried the Spa program in the salon, note the toning and rejuvenating effect.

“Balinise classic” — traditional Balinese massage with a reinforced anti-stress effect.


If you are looking for a gift for a woman-find  BALI & THAI-SPA “7 KRASOK” near your home or office and buy a Spa-certificate . Our network covers Moscow and Moscow region and St. Petersburg.

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