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Perfect gift  – Thai or Balinese massage to choose from.

Duration of the program-1 hour.

The electronic certificate is valid in  salons ” 7 KRASOK ” of category PREMIUM and STANDARD  for 30 days after payment , massage performed by Top- massage therapists. You can choose from the  two best 1 hour SPA-programs  –  classic Thai massage ” Harmonious body “or Balinese Spa ritual” Balinese-classic “performed by Top massage therapists “7 KRASOK”.

“Harmonious body” – a classic Thai 1-hour massage, helps to revive the functions of all organs, provides relaxation and gives a feeling of complete inner comfort. Purpose: to bring the body to a harmonious state, to achieve both deep relaxation and an intense influx of vitality. The session is held on a special massage mat – tatami.

Thai yoga massage “Harmonious body” lasting 1 hour was performed synchronously by 514 massage therapists and participants on the world record “7 KRASOK”, recorded by Guinness world Records on July 7, 2013.

Balinese-classic” — traditional Balinese 1-hour massage with essential   tropical oils, based on ancient rituals. The massage therapist uses her thumbs and palms to apply pressure to the points. Pressure alternates with traditional gentle and smooth movements. Natural tropical oils are used. Massage has a strong anti-stress orientation. The session is held on a special massage bed.

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