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“Romantic Rendezvous” for two in Thai or Balinese way.
Duration 3 hours.
2 scenarios perfectly embodying the symbol of the unity of opposites:
Option 1 (in Thai): HE enjoys Tropicana. SHE tastes the “Elixir of Youth”.
Option 2 (in Balinese): HE is charged with “Reflexology massage” and activates the forces of “Harmony – massage”. SHE is blissful in the Balinese Legend with Javanese Lulur Scrub.
After they retire at a table by the window, admire the beautiful bird’s-eye view of Moscow, taste green tea selection with oriental treats. The masters silently leave, there remains light ethnic music, pleasant oriental aromas. You can enjoy the fabulous atmosphere of tranquility and harmony for another half an hour, share your impressions and, of course, here and now say the most important words to each other …

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