Short introduction from the authors of the project

Our old friend, who lives in Singapore, then in the Ural region, then in Tibet, going once again to the site, made a number of fair comments and among them: “how long will the section “About the company” version 3.0″ remain unfilled? — Let me write for you!” – Why not? –  we  agreed …

We are interested in the evaluation of the company “7 KRASOK” by a person (let’s call him a Contemplator) who has been watching this project since 2002 — from the initial idea to the present day.

A small detail — the Contemplator is close to us in his worldview, he, like the authors of the project, does not seek publicity, does not find value in “secular life” and came over the years to the idea that until some age the priority is in the outside world, and then — something changes — once! — and more important for you is your own, inner world. And then you don’t want it  to be  exchanged for any external effects. Therefore, the Contemplator does not say his name, does not emphasize his status (by the way, rather high). His judgments about “7 KRASOK” are significant for us.

K. Roerich, the Book of Wisdom (1924).)


“7 KRASOK” — impartial perspective

“7 KRASOK”  is quite extraordinary business project in the Russian market of SPA-services. The idea lay on the surface: there is Thailand, there is Thai massage, ,we don’t have it  in Russia. “Just do it !”as Richard Branson taught. The guys  in 1999 traveled  around  the world, payed attention to Thai massage ,got  “hooked”.  3 years passed, ,nobody picked up the idea . It was necessary to initiate and organise, to add Bali and India, to adapt to the Russian realities, “wash” from the image of sex services. Prove to consumers that it is worth trying, loving and enjoying  everyday . And then — to create a brand, to develop it from “zero point”, to become a leader in the market of SPA-services.

It was enthusiasm, that helped a lot. To provide services to the public —  difficult and time-consuming job. Founders’ s  unprofessionalism in the field of SPA—industry, as well as a tenacious entrepreneurial look and   a creative approach “saved” the situation. They did everything in their own way and broke stereotypes. For example,  in 2003 on training courses they learned, that spa-salon area must be  always  300 square meters. And they made a practical and successful refutation — they created their own unique format of “city SPA” — where everything is compact, not mansions with fountains, but instead the prices are moderate.

And the ones who did according to ” the theory” — did not hit the trend. Because to hold, for example, 400 square meters SPA on Tverskaya, New Arbat, or Ostozhenka, — not profitable, very expensive.

What is better: to have authentic Thai massage  or to teach  Russian specialists? Of course original is better! Now it is just strange that even 5 years ago ,lecturers   who read courses on the foundation of SPA-salons  , were  asked such a question.

The idea with franchising didn’t work  — intellectual property was not protected, and the agreements  in the Russian business tradition — something you can not rely upon…

Thai massage in Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Sochi, Samara, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Togliatti and in a number of places did not arise by itself (at first there were contracts and “agreements” with “7KRASOK”).

There were attempts  to outbid employees, to take away therapists (unsuccessfully, the therapists have their own powerful motivation — to belong to the best and stable company), to” borrow”  the programs’ names and the interiors . They copy texts — paragraphs and pages! The number of imitators is growing geometrically.

So what? And the ship goes on sailing…

Nothing similar to the “7 KRASOK” has not yet been created. Our own spa-salon in Thailand and our own SPA-school in Bali provide well-trained therapists, brand awareness is growing, the technology of reasonable marketing and personnel management are improving — on the mistakes, of course. The founders see the slightest details and shortcomings, especially with the Russian staff, but the main thing is that they progressively reach a new level of quality and all this is dynamic — 24/7!

I like that the authors of the project “7 KRASOK” are in no hurry —they  could have opened a hundred  spa- salons — Moscow,St.Petersburg and the city-millionaires  would digest… No, they explain: “We are not SPA-McDonald’s”, and we try to  make each new salon a small masterpiece. And this inner harmony, and this deep calmness and this balanced “Yin” and “Yang” — are felt when you come to any salon “7 KRASOK”.

There are good vibrations and positive energy. And the therapists are talented, selected, and came from Thailand, and Bali — and there are prospects, even for decades to come. With such a potential   “7KRASOK ” should  to go to Europe and Asia. The demand for quality relaxation will grow.

Everyone tired of the hustle and  bustle  needs to be alone, in a kind of “capsule” or mini-mini vacation. So as nobody disturbs  one,  to clear one’s head , to shift and expand consciousness.

To reach this – you can fly to Tibet and India. Bali is also a great place on Earth for this.. But, after all, these are only wishes — which means, apparently — “someday and maybe”… But  next morning, late evening or  day off for a tired of the struggle for the survival person  – here and now – near their  Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev or Perm apartment —there are “7 KRASOK” spa-salons.

Good luck! May the fate keeps you from the envious. Do good things to people.

One of your greatest admirers.

July 2011


It’s time to move on and talk about the current status of the company “7 KRASOK”.

What has changed? The project is a success. Russian consumers are interested in real Thai massage not only in Moscow but also in other regions of Russia. People  less and less mix it up with erotic . There were “copies” of our business, mostly illegal or “gray”, but there are several civilized followers.

“7 KRASOK” has been  developing a network of beauty salons in Moscow and an affiliate program in  Russian regions. Our experience was so interesting and “contagious” that Thai-SPA consultations are addressed to us by SPA-industry companies from Spain, Israel, Latvia, Cyprus and even from the Western hemisphere -the Dominican Republic. And they invite us — to develop Thai massage there .

However , we consider the main priority  –  the development of our own network of THAI-SPA Thai massage facilities. So far in Moscow and St. Petersburg. So far, relying on our own resources (although we are thinking about attracting a strategic investor).

Why our own  network?

In order not to lose quality, to observe  single standards of high-quality service , to”feel” our client, to train personnel, to demand  good job and following the rules from managers, and  also –  on the basis of “feedback” –  be able to rethink what has been done and to create something  new:.

Perhaps , there is no need now to predict the scale and geography of the future network of THAI — SPA facilities “7 KRASOK”- massage salons in Moscow and other regions of Russia. We like what we do.

“What does  “7 Krasok” do and what is the mission of the company?”— we were asked in an interview with a popular business channel.  “The Mission of the company is to promote authentic Thai massage not only in Moscow but throughout Russia. If 7.000.000 people change their way of life, and after work will not go to drink beer, but instead – go to  Thai-SPA —to have  points on the legs  activated ,  get their back massaged, remove fat from the belly (Oh, It’ so -hard!), to lose weight, to load  muscles , to recover from stress ,to abandon the whirlpool of hustle and get   some energy for life, i.e. to make 7 simple steps to your own improvement  –   then we did  a great job”.

The burden, as you can see, is heavy. Therefore, we gratefully accept from you any possible assistance in achieving this goal.

Sawadi khrap!

Welcome to the new interesting community of people — the club of Thai massage lovers.


Sincerely Yours,


1.About big and small companies

Usually in this section, large and reputable companies give impressive growth figures, talk about achievements, medals and victories in competitions. They also tell about a long way in business, the concept of development of the Corporation, a long list of solid partners. And finally they try to impress you with grandiose plans to open branches in Khanty-Mansiysk or Paris. And, of course, their goal is a “network of enterprises»:

We will not make arrogant faces and revel in our own importance. “7 KRASOK” is a young company. Its leaders have some experience in business not connected with beauty industry business. However, this helps us.

2. About the current situation

“7 KRASOK” does not set the goal to create “another beauty salon”. Most of the salons in Moscow are quite faceless. It is not enough to  differ only in location, interior and prices .

“7 KRASOK “has  a fresh look. We had the opportunity to look at the beauty industry through the eyes of the consumer for a long time. We were gaining personal experience. And always paid attention:  how they  work  (for example, in the Swiss, Israeli and Thai SPA) — something we don’t like  and something is worth borrowing. Why  look at them? Just because “they” have high standards of service, and the beauty industry has a long time history there.

3. About our standards

“7 KRASOK” are ready to work with demanding customers  – those, who’ve been there” and  know  the standards of service. Moreover, the service is always of the same high level,  not depending on the mood of the administrator or the status of the client, as is often the case in Moscow salons. Our motto :”One single standard of high quality service”.

“7 KRASOK” is a company with a certain corporate culture, qualified personnel and unique atmosphere of coziness and internal comfort. The latter circumstance, we hope, is our competitive advantage.

4. About the legend

It is not appropriate for “7 KRASOK” as a young company  to speak about its  merits and achievements. But at least the company should have a legend  ?! Of course ! Here it is.

5. About the name

“In the beginning  was the Word,” the Bible says. Our “word” is the name. It can define the entire life cycle of a new enterprise. We chose “7 KRASOK”, where the seven is  in the form of number. By the way,  both Russian and English alphabet have all these letters   and the domain name was registered without distortion of the original source -, and this is rare.

There are 7 characters in our name, and it is not an accident. The number 7 is deeply revered in the East, in theological books, and in philosophical works. In Russian epics  7 heroes are ready to help you ,and the magic flower — Semitsvetik fulfill any 7 desires. Dreams carry away for 7 seas, and charming sounds of music consist of seven notes. We admire since childhood 7 wonders of the world and 7 colors of the rainbow. In a  week –  7days, human cells are updated every 7 years, and our Moscow is a city on seven hills. The examples could go on…

If there is a universal formula of harmony in the world, then the seven must necessarily be present in it. We believe in this (by the way, the name and the mark have passed patent examination in several categories and are protected from plagiarism).

6. «Highlight»

Every beauty salon , striving for their own individuality should have one. Some invite a celebrity, at worst celebrity’s  students. What else? To impress customers with expensive interior and fancy equipment? Primitive, and will not pay off. We are not only romantics ,but also pragmatists.

The company “7KRASOK” decided to offer elite beauty salons and fitness centers as a highlight something that could not be found in Moscow — traditional Thai massage professionals. Namely, 7 authentic certified  Thai therapists (and then  came more ). No need to explain – why  7 . Surprisingly, according to the migration service this has not yet been done — neither in Moscow nor in Russia. The idea is on the surface, and there will be  followers, no doubt. To say: “WE were the first to do it” — now the privilege of “7 KRASOK”.

We have indeed broken through the wall of mistrust and bureaucratic delays in Russia and Thailand ,and we have achieved what we wanted to achieve. Our experience is unique. Let’s pat ourselves on the back for this little victory.

7. Plans for the future

It’s simple. You will smile, but what can we do : “7 KRASOK” creates its own brand and a tiny “network”.

For a start in the form of a business class salon in the “Golden keys-2” residential area, where we have office №7 (of course “7”) ! Could  have we chosen other office?!), 1-2 more modest salons and several offices of Oriental relaxation in luxury beauty salons, SPA, fitness centers and holiday homes in Moscow and Moscow region. “7 KRASOK” even thinks about the system of franchising in the regions. Surprisingly, we already have the first offer for this. We are ready to create Oriental relaxation rooms in companies for their employees and top managers. The opening of such rooms is an effective additional motivation for your employees. So, if you are interested in “Thai package” — please contact us.

7+. The role of the company in the development of the beauty industry in Russia

So far (up to 77-anniversary of the company) we leave this section blank …

And finally. We are not good and not bad. We’re normal.

Let’s go forward together.

Yours sincerely,


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