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The course includes author’s programs performed in a special slim technique using innovative cosmetic products: Thai herbal cream “Gold Shape”, French anti-cellulite cream-gel MINCEUR RAPIDE from “GUINOT”, cream-oil and cream “Royal Lotus”. To consolidate the result, Thai Thai power programs, Balinese wraps and luxurious programs in the hammam are included in the course.

Since 2004, thousands of grateful guests left in “7 COLORS” extra pounds and centimeters!

Price 41 900 ₽ + bonus 3 100 ₽
On balance – 45 000 ₽
as a gift – map of the “Thai / Balinese berry” category Luxury priced at 4,150 ₽

For this course, you can visit the following programs at intervals of 1-2 days:

  • “Minus 7 cm”
  • Mix-Slim “Minus 7.7 cm”
  • “QUICK SLIMMING” of two areas: hips + buttocks
  • “QUICK SLIMMING” of two areas: abdomen + corset area
  • “QUICK SLIMMING” of two areas: arms + cervical collar zone
  • “Correction of the face oval”
  • “Lose weight, so lose weight!” in Thai / Balinese
  • “Grace-tone” in Thai / Balinese
  • Balinese-Bamboo
  • “The Thai Tale”
  • “Harmonie massage”
  • “Moisturizing Face Mask”
  • “Hammam with Eucalyptus”
  • “Charm of the East”
  • “Hover over three vertices”
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