• Pai

    Length of service in "7 KRASOK" - since 2006

    Even some players of the Russian national football team are regaining their strength at the author’s program “TAI MAESTRO” performed by Pai. This is  relaxation and yoga fitness, and a good workout of the whole body!

    We recommend programs performed  by Pai:

    East+East :2 hours 20 minutes

    Thai fairy tale: 2 hours

    Energy cocktail :1 hour 30 minutes

  • Imelda (Mbaro Maria Imelda)

    Length of service in "7 KRASOK" - since 2009

    Balinese Grand Therapist.

    Extraordinary  sensitive Master of SPA-care and rituals in the Hammam.

    We rRecommended programs  performed by  Imelda:

    Hammam with eucalyptus: 2 hours

    Bali-Bangkok-Bordeaux: 2 hours

    Planet orange :2 hours

  • Benyatip (Julkam Banyathip)

    Length of service in "7 KRASOK" - since 2010

    Thai Grand Therapist.

    Very effective in helping with back and neck pain.

    We recommend programs performed by Benyatip:

    Dr. Siam: 2 hours 30 minutes

    Thai fairy tale GRAND: 2 hours( done by 2 Masters)

    Healthy back course

  • Rung (Jairat Rungthiwa)

    Length of service in "7 KRASOK" - since 2009

    Thai Grand Therapist.

    Outstanding skill in Thai programs.

    Slim-programs in a soft relaxation style.

    We recommend programs  performed by Rung:

    Mix-slim  – Minus  7,7cm: 2 hours and 30 minutes

    Thai potpourri: 2 hours



    Length of service in "7 KRASOK" - since 2008

    Balinese Grand Therapist.

    An   experienced and  attentive therapist, using  various techniques of massage.

    The only Grand Therapist  presenting  an exclusive romantic program SPA ONLY for TWO

    We recommend programs  performed by  Sudarmi :

    Balinese Legend with scrub Lulur :2 hours

    East+East: 2 hours 20 minutes

  • Wanpen (Jonggol Wanpen)

    Length of service in "7 KRASOK" – since 2009

    Thai Grand Therspist.

    Master of authentic   Nuad-Thai  massage, the  source of power, energy-intensive, aimed at healing.

    We recommend programs  performed by Wanpen:

    Dr. Siam: 2 hours 30 minutes

    Thai fairy tale GRAND: 2 hours  (done by 2 Masters)

    Healthy back course

    • Saglara
      2019-10-13 15:03:02
      Often I find myself thinking that periodically I really need a massage))). But difficult to find ME Time or the right master. My life style is in constant moving, in addition, I still do sports and my body often "asks" me for relaxation). Finally, I found the perfect master for me.) Thanks to my wonderful friend, Galochka, she advised me 7Krasok salons. Her name is WANPEN! Back and leg massage is where I started and what I'm already excited about! I think this is just the beginning! Wanpen is a master from God! She is real professional! Relaxing music and polite administrators is a nice bonus to an intense and relaxing massage! And this divine drink, the recipe of which the administrators promised to share, will not leave anyone indifferent! Now massage is included in my usual weekly schedule. Love yourself! And your body will thank you!!!
    • Peter
      2019-06-01 23:23:01
      Favorite master in 7Krasok! Serious and responsible approach to work. Makes a quality massage. As a result: body relaxation and clear mind ready to go on! Full reboot!
    • Gleb
      2019-05-18 22:05:24
      Mrs. Miracle! Knows what she does! Neat and delicate! Strong arms! Stretched me perfectly! The joints are flexible again) Thank you very much!
    • Alia
      2018-05-17 14:18:28
      Very happy with this masseuge! A true professional of power massage with stretching! Love you!
    • Oleg
      2018-03-18 15:13:58
      Friends gifted me with massage in 7Krasok. I got the master Wanpen! Massage lasted 2 hours. Exceptional woman with strong fingers massaged my legs first, and then moved to my arms and torso. The massage was accompanied by stretching elements, which was not very usual, but wildly nice! Very satisfied! Thanks Wanpen!
  • Kerti (Kertiani Ni Komang)

    Length of service in "7 KRASOK" – since 2007

    Balinese Grand Therapist.

    Kerti worked in Turkey, so she  has a great knowledge of the Hammam .

    We recommend programs performed by  Kerti:

    Steam, ice and cream: 2 hours 30 minutes

    Grace- Tone   in  Balinese style: 1 hour 30 minutes

    Inspiration in Balinese style:  4 hours and 15 minutes

  • Kon (Meearsa Jintranapath)

    Length of service in "7 KRASOK" - since 2007.

    Thai Grand Therapist.

    Continues the family dynasty.

    Amazingly polite and very talented   all-around therapist  .

    We recommend programs performed by Kon:

    Grace-Tone in Thai: 1 hour 30 minutes

    Emerald dream: 1 hour 17 minutes

    77 minutes of bliss: 1 hour 17 minutes

  • RESTU (Restuadi NI MADE)

    Length of service in "7 KRASOK" - since 2006

    Balinese Grand Therapist.

    Master of power SPA-treatment programs, rituals in the Hammam and SPA-care.

    We recommended programs  performed by Restu:

    Lomi-Lomi: 1 hour 30 minutes

    Charm of the East: 2 hours

    Harmony massage: 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Lek (Thanwimol Lamoolmorn)

    Length of service in "7 KRASOK" - since 2004.

    Lek has worked as a teacher of Thai massage at the state school of Thailand. She has a natural gift of diagnosis and healing, which is confirmed by dozens of grateful reviews from patients, including those who  have lost confidence in the possibilities of traditional medicine.

    We recommend programs performed by Lek:

    Slim massage-  Minus 7 cm – 1 hour 30 minutes

    Dr. Siam -2 hours 30 minutes

    Tai Maestro –  2 hours 50 minutes  or longer

  • Satya (Setyawati Ni Made).

    Length of service in "7 KRASOK"- since 2006.

    Balinese Grand Therapist.

    Satya is the face of the company “7 KRASOK”, a recognized leader and  a born therapist. Comes from a family of hereditary Balinese therapists  who maintain ties with their spiritual homeland — India. We recommend any program from Satya, especially:

    Rejuvenating facial massage

    Warm sea pebbles

    The Ritual Of Shirodara

    Bali Maestro

    Fast weight loss

    • Nelia
      2019-10-19 15:49:17
      I had a chance to do Shirodara massage for the first time and I will say that it has absolutely nothing to do with the regular oil massage, at least in the performance of Satya. In addition to complete relaxation, I got a deep study of absolutely all the muscles of the body! The oil, warmed to room temperature, enveloped the body like an air blanket. Throughout the massage, I kept saying - Satia is unrealistic, Satia is amazing! Because these are the most tender hands that I felt! The ritual itself is just magic! When a thin stream began to pour on my forehead, a wave of warmth swept literally over my whole head. A facial massage and body wrap perfectly complemented the program! I got a wild delight and a lot of emotions! It was the best massage ever)
    • Galina
      2019-10-01 17:31:46
      I know Satya from the very first day of her work in "7 Krasok"! Amazing specialist, beautiful woman. With confidence I can trust her with my health. Each time only positive emotions. Satia, success to you, good luck and prosperity.
    • Nastya
      2019-09-18 17:31:11
      Following friends recommendations, I made my debut trip to the "7 Krasok" salon and intentionally to Master Satya. And I made the right decision! I went to a salon near metro Krylatskoye for a Balinese massage. Gods, this is something incredible. I almost fell into a trance, ecstasy and everything else! Inexpressible feelings. Satia, you are a great master! Thanks a lot!!
    • Peter Razumenko
      2019-02-21 23:21:14
      Satya, you are an incredible person! Your technique is incomparable with anyone's. My body says thank you! You are my star.
    • Lidia
      2019-01-24 07:17:29
      The genius of massage!!! Unforgettable emotions! Many thanks to Grand Master Satya!
    • Lara
      2018-07-20 16:33:32
      It’s difficult to make booking to Master Satya, because everyone knows and loves Satia for a very long time, many go exclusively to her.
    • Katerina
      2018-02-03 10:46:18
      I managed to get to the Grand Master Satya on the program "Balinese Bambuu". I heard that this is a great, gifted master from God, but she broke all my inner records and expectations! This is a nugget! Bravo!
    • Irina
      2015-02-03 10:22:43
      I want to express my deep gratitude for the massage “Balinese Legend” performed by Grand Master Satya. For 2 hours I feel rested in body and soul and more healthy and full of strength. Satia feels with her hands and does exactly what my body needs. Her experience and sensitivity were felt in her every touch. I would be happy to recommend it to my relatives and friends!!! If I come again - only to her!
    • Janna
      2014-12-01 19:23:23
      Master Satya is a fabulous master! After her massage, I want to fly! Incredible "warmth" in her hands. Miracle- master!
    • Vasilisa
      2012-03-31 10:19:12
      Thank you for the wonderful massage, separately to the master Satya! Golden hands, massage took me from a cold, dirty city ... far to the warm islands. Emotions are only positive. Thanks!
  • Fon (Detwongsa Prathana)

    Work experience: more than 10 years

    Delivers the author’s program “Thai-Maestro”. Family VIP – service treatment- programs, “Charm of the East”.



Grand Therapists of  ” 7 KRASOK ” – are real” stars ” with the highest level of skill. They chose Russia and “7 KRASOK” as their second home and have been working in the company for more than 10 years. We are happy to work with such professionals.

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